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Objectives of the Course

1. To provide opportunities for teachers and educational staff to share European experiences and to develop European expertise in promoting the integration/inclusion of pupils with special educational needs in European society;

2. To bring together the participants’ own assessments of practice and then to work together to support their individual requirements for the development of new skills;

3. To enable participants to become members of a network for the sharing of ideas through both information communications technology and personal contact.


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Course Contents

Sharing teacher definitions and national and European perspectives on integration/inclusion;

Identifying practice, problems and solutions in European special needs education;

Developing teacher knowledge and skills in inclusive education;

Visiting and observing special needs practice;

Using IT to advance the exchange of European expertise.


Participant Profile

The course was intended for teachers, head-teachers, teacher trainers, inspectors, and other educational staff working with students of secondary and vocational age with special educational needs, who wish to develop their expertise and experience of European perspective on inclusion.
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