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Let's think together
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Let's think together

A young philosophical inquire


1. Development of critical thinking abilities.

2. Development of tolerance, especially in its over-national dimension.

3. Practice of philosophical inquiry.

4. Formation of democratic attitude among students.

Project objectives.

To create an inquire procedure between three schools in Europe.

To support teachers' exchanges of ideas, statements, methods.

To support the creation of common curriculum.

To activate abilities in didactic usage of the net.

To prepare a net edition of the materials.

To publish a net edition of materials in English, Hungarian, Polish and Italian languages.

To make steady the procedures activated.

Pupils objectives.

To acquire abilities in net usage.

To be able to take on a discussion in English language.

To be able to respect discussion rules.

To be able to take on a new point of view.

To know other points of view.

To be able to respect other points of view.

To take on a correct inter cultural attitude.

To activate the heterogeneous thinking.


Prof. M. Lippman Philosophy for Children.


Two groups of 15-20 students 14-18 years old in each school. Two or three teachers in each school.

Preliminary actions.

Creation of two groups 25 to 20 students in each school.

Choice of two or three subjects that draw most attention at all three and of the cable.

Technical preparations in every school: software acquisition, creation of discussion lists, preparation to on line sessions.

Subjects choosing.

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Every session will keep four weeks. In the first two weeks students place their views, ideas and discuss in every discussion list on the subject chosen. In the third week teachers running the project will have classes with students and help them to systematise materials and to prepare on-line session on Internet. The fourth week is dedicated to on-line session on Internet using a chat software that allows a direct exchange of ideas between three groups. The objective is to create a commonly accepted summary, which will be the base of the discussion in the following month.

Final actions.

Schools will publish results and materials in own home pages in English, Hungarian, Polish and Italian languages.

A common statement of the discussion participants will be sent to The Council of Europe.