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Let's think together
Urban cultur
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Broadening pupils’ understanding of diferences and similarities in European cultures
Awaking pupils’ awareness of the architectural heritage around them
Broadening pupils’ understanding of the role played by technical possibilities, functional needs and stylistic choices in these cultures
Developing materials that can be applied in the disciplines involved, or indeed in other disciplines, after the project period has expired.
Communicating the plans and results to other schools and trying to develop new ideas from this.


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Iain English kindly agreed to have Bushey Meads School coordinate the project. He will contact the schools from Sweden and Italy on short notice.
We must install a Comenius group at every school to prepare the project: set out the rough outlines of the project and send in the subsidy application form. Practical details e.g. about pupils and colleagues involved can be worked out in this stage too. Otherwise a lot of work will have to wait until there is more certainty about the viability of the project.
Once the project has (hopefully) been accepted (answer from agencies to be expected in December 1999) representatives from the partner schools will have to meet. Tony van der Ven offers to host this meeting at the Hervion College in 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. To cut costs down to a minimum accomodation could be private (in colleagues' families). During this meeting definitive working arrangements will be made.
From 1 March the project can be launched officially: by that time a worked out action plan should be ready.

Workgroups will have to update each other every six to seven weeks on progress made and problems encountered. The coordinating school will see to this and other arrangements