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Let's think together
Urban cultur
Welfare state

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European Educational Projects

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Socrates Comenius action 1 projects

We are loking for partners in these projects:

The evolution of the welfare state and the solidarity systems in a European perspective. From the Welfare State to the Welfare Community: state, market, private-social services
Urban visual culture as new common European intercultural richness


Catch Me Patch Me opinioni
La perdita di peso!
Carnagione liscia



These projects were approved by Nat. Ag.s and are starting:

Let's think together
F.R.E.E. - Free Relationships in European Education

We are waiting for approvation about these projects:

Bridging past, present and future

Comenius act. 3




The crew

Francesco Scaramuzzi

European Projects co-ordinator. He teachs Philosophy, Psycology and Educational Scieces.

Claudio Poggi

He teachs Law and Economics.

Michele Tritto

He teachs Philosophy, Psycology and Educational Scieces.

Francesco Bucci

He teachs English Language and Literature.

Francesco Capece

He teachs Graphic Design.