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The design will be based upon our respective environments, specified as our architectural environments: Ancient and modern landmarks that our pupils think charcteristic and/or important for our home towns. This means pupils will have to collect data about regional architecture, both ancient and modern, especially regional landmarks

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Measuring these constructions and considering what organising principles lie at their basis will be a task for the maths classes. Extra attention must be paid to (comparing) the role of the Golden Section as an organising principle in past, present and future
Examples of (un)successful merging of old and new: modern additions to old buildings: In London: the V&A-museum, in Berlin: the Bundestag, in Den Bosch: the Kruithuis Museum, etc. Examples can be extended with the most or least successful in the eyes of the pupils
Alternative designs can be drawn of these examples. Possible additions to the school buildings could be included as another project
The use of and consequent various possibilities of different materials (synthetic / natural) can be examined
National and regional characteristics of traditional and modern architecture can be studied to lead to conclusions
Objects to be studied can be expanded or limited: schools, shopping malls, new town quarters, monuments

Communication: between workgroups and between pupils: we intend to make use of all possible communication: traditional mail, fax, telephone, email (designs can be scanned in and despatched), videoconferencing on small scale (simple webcam). The progress and endresults will be published on the internet: Bushey Meads and Cell have already got their own websites, Den Bosch is trying to develop one this school year. How about the others?


Part of the work in progress can be photographed and/or video-taped to show to parents and/or colleagues on meetings or to send to partners